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The Carol House

 Welcome to our website! There are a lot of changes happening, as well as many changes waiting to happen. We promise to keep you up to date on any events and news.

We thought it apt for our first post to declare our mission for the Carol Anne Clark Foundation:

The main objective of the not-for-profit Carol House/Carol Anne Clark Foundation will be to significantly enhance the quality of life of breast cancer sufferers who have forfeited their careers, primary source of income, and homes due to becoming victims of breast cancer.

To provide sustainable, long term relief/housing (a real place of residence they can call their HOME) and additional nurturing resources to those women and/or men with breast cancer, and to provide a program that effectively and substantially addresses a breast cancer victim’s housing requirements, financial and health related needs.

To bring together and partnership with interested community activists and other interested organizations and non-profit institutions who share our vision and focus to significantly increase the scope of the program’s impact and effectiveness.

Thank you for visiting!


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  1. Lisa Wilkerson says:

    Wonderful and beautiful website!!

  2. Rebecca says:

    Finally! A breast cancer organization that is doing something tangible for breast cancer victims!! Free homes in residential neighborhoods and free medical care for those women who have lost their careers, their homes, and their medical benefits – wonderful! I proudly support this organization and am thoroughly impressed by the actions it is taking!

  3. Sandra Weissenberger says:

    What a beautiful website! Very inspirational!

  4. Lori glarum says:


    Our sister Marsha, lost her battle to breast cancer 2 years ago tomorrow. Her faith in her lord carried her through her darkest moments. Next month is Breast Cancer Awareness Month , and many of you will make your donations, do your runs to raise money and many other charitable things. If I could ask my FB friends and family a favor. This year I would like you to go to a website and read about a new Not for profit organization, it is called the Carol House. The Carol House in my opinion goes above and beyond most. The Carol House is there for women who have been financially devistated from this disease and we give them a home of their own to go to, and their medical is completly taken care of !!! If that isn’t EXTRA ORDINARY AMAZING I don’t know what is !!!! So , please go to the website , read about Carol and her journey with Breast Cancer, read about Ron her devoted loving husband and the rest of her family. After you do that, I ask you to dig deep folks in your hearts and give to this EXTRA ORDINARY outside the box organization !!!! I will post the website next. Great big hugs to you all and here is to the HOPE of a brighter day for every women battling Breast Cancer.

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    Lori Glarum I just heard that a women and her child were given a home, and the Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts are helping out the family with their time while earning their badges ! Yard work, housework….It takes a villiage people. This is what its all about

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    Lori Glarum One more favor..if each of you would share this and the website on your pages,

  5. Lisa Wilkerson says:

    My name is Lisa Wilkerson, Ron and Carol were our former neighbors,as for myself, my husband Barry and our two son, Brandon and Ryan, have been very special friends of Ron and Carol for over ten years, and we are now proud Spokespersons and Advocates for The Carol House Foundation. Carol was diagnosed with breast cancer in November 2004, and in early 2005 Carol’s chemotherapy was causing her beautiful ,long, blond hair to fall out in clumps. I am a hairdresser, and Carol asked me to shave her head. Carol was laughing while I shaved her head, she even wanted to use my shaver to shave her head also, but all I could do was cry, and she said “it will grow back” Carol fought breast cancer for seven years and on two occasions thought she had won her fight. Throughout her heroic struggle for her life, Carol lived as normal a life as possible, and on occasions we would all go to Disneyland together and have a fun day out, Ron and Carol would come to our sons sporting events and cheer them on, and come to a lot of our family gatherings. Despite what Carol was going through and the enormous amounts of chemotherapy she was subjected to, my friend always had a smile on her face, and we never heard her once complain. Carol and Ron were so much in love, and Ron’s devotion to his wife and the way he took care of her throughout her ordeal is beyond what any amount of words can describe. Carol wanted to do something extraordinarily different for people who lost their employment, and a lot more due to their cancer. Ron and his family have worked hard to bring Carol’s vision of providing housing solutions and other health related resources to a reality. As of October 1, 2012 The Carol House will be receiving its first family, a mother of two young children who has been diagnosed with stage two breast cancer, the same as Carol back in 2004. This was only made possible by Ron, who has given up his nice home, free of any rent to complete strangers ,who he has said they need it more than him. Ron has told us that he can always get another home but he can never find another Carol. Ron has ensured that Carol will have a legacy and her name will live on in our hearts and minds forever. I have a feeling there are going to be a lot more Carol Houses, and soon. I miss my friend Carol!! Lisa Wilkerson and family.

  6. Ron and Kathryn Pletsch says:

    Carol Clark, it has been a year since you left us for heaven. We miss you, but your love for others is being carried out with The Carol House. A family now lives in the first house and others are to come. You left a legacy.

    Ron and Kathryn Pletsch

  7. Raisa Milson says:

    You are so cool! I do not suppose I’ve read anything like this before. So nice to discover someone with some original thoughts on this issue. Seriously.. many thanks for starting this up. This website is something that is needed on the internet, someone with some originality!

    • says:

      Thank you Raisa for your kind words and heartfelt appreciation for what we are doing and providing for victims of breast cancer.

  8. Wonderful post, I am going to bookmark

  9. Sharon Kelly says:

    My husband, Doug, and I were close friends of Carol Clark. We met her many years ago when our husbands were both in The Kiwanis Club, in Agoura Hills, CA. We went to all the functions with our husbands and participated in bar-b-ques for the Special Olympics, Childhood Diabetes Walk, various school events/Football games,Pegasus Creek Ranch events and many other functions. Carol was a very loving and caring person, it was an honor for me to have her as a friend. Her giving continues with the Carol Houses, thanks to her husband Ron and her family who have gotten her dream to come true.

  10. William Marsh says:

    Folks, i met both Ron & Carol approx a year before Carol’s passing through a mutual friend. Both Clark’s left a lasting impression of loving/caring individuals, always there for their “neighbors”. Ron is a champion of the most regal sort, true to his word–indeed, a man who will cause events to emerge and happen. Obviously, he is carrying on as though Carol was at his side. It can be said a spark ignites into a flame and a flame unto fire. Well, both Carol and Ron had and have a flaming desire to help those with such an unscheduled affliction. It’s up to us, friends and neighbors to help Carol with her dream, Ron and many others needs be assisted with and helped along. Thanks for helping: Carol rejoices,God smiles and Ron hosts

  11. jill says:


    I had the pleasure of talking to Ron Prudhomme today Sunday 9 June 2013. I told him I would leave a comment. I talked about preventing cancer. The best way to start is to keep your immune system alkaline.
    You can do this with greens, protein and alkaline water, 9.5 ph.
    Cancer is a rogue cell that multiplies faster than healthy cells causing the immune system to be compromised. Your body is an intelligence and is able to help it back to a homeostatic condition.
    Avoiding stress, negative thoughts and being peaceful helps your immune system to do its job. I believe in The Carol House as I also ran a non-profit in the Santa Clarita valley for 10 years 1995 – 2005. One vision along with like minded people make miracles happen. I know this is a success with the intention of really helping from the heart. God bless all connected with this organization and continue to be well.

  12. Brenda Alcalde says:

    I met Carol and Ron when I moved across the street from them 6 yrs ago. Carol was the first and only person to come over and welcome us to the neighborhood, she was very sweet and offered a hand if we needed anything. We were so sad to hear of her illness, but so moved by her bravery with all that she went through with her treatment. She was a beautiful woman who thought of others even in a time that most people would be feeling sorry for themselves. God Bless her husband Ron with much strengh as he continues to do all that he can to fullfill her wishes for this foundation. I know she is watching and smiling from above and is very proud of the accomplishments he and her family have done so far. I pray that the foundation will continue to flourish and reach those in need.

  13. Ron says:

    My beloved Carol would have been 55 years old on August 28. I cherish the memories and the time we spent together as husband and wife. This year I sent Carol a beautiful birthday card with the message, “If I could find the road to Heaven, I would drive there and bring you back home.” The Carol House/Carol Anne Clark Foundation, founded in Carol’s memory and in accordance with her vision to assist others who have forfeited virtually all their worldly possessions due to the debilitating and accumulative effects of their disease keeps Carol alive in all our hearts and minds. Carol is as much alive in spirit as she was in her earthly vessel and she continues to display her indomitable spirit and presense in so many positive ways. If anyone reading this posting wishes to support The Carol House and its innovative housing solutions initiative, please send your donation to: The Carol House/Carol Anne Clark Foundation at 24307 Magic Mtn Pkwy, Valencia, CA 91355. Please make checks payable to The Carol House. Remember Carol’s words, “Think before you donate!” Carol wanted to revolutionise the process of making donations to charitable causes. Her heartfelt and genuine concerns were that every donation, no matter how small should have a significant and meanigful impact on the lives of the charity’s beneficiaries and not go to fund the lavish lifestyles, outrageous salaries and compensation packages of CEO’s and directors. “After all,” as Carol oftentimes mused, “We’re talking about CHARITY!”

  14. Ron says:

    Today is October 22, 2013 and it has been two years since Carol Anne Clark passed away from metastatic breast cancer. However, Carol did not die in vain and her legacy of helping others with cancer lives on with her vision, The Carol House/Carol Anne Clark Foundation. From her days as a Girl Scout and right up until she passed away, Carol had always been a voice for those who did not have a voice of their own. Throughout her life, Carol gave generously of her time and money to numerous charitable causes. Despite her poor health, it came as no surprise to those who knew her to discover that when Carol was diagnosed with stage two breast cancer in November 2004, she became an outspoken advocate not just for herself but for her fellow cancer patients who were experiencing a severe fiscal and oftentimes catastrophic crisis attributed to the debilitating and accumulative effects of a loved one’s cancer. This was what defined Carol Anne Clark as a human being, always putting others first and never seeking the spotlight. Saddened by the lack of fiscal assistance available to meet the desperate and unmet needs of cancer patients who were going through tough and challenging times, Carol embarked on a mission to shed some much needed light on the plight and dire financial circumstances of herself and the cancer patients and their families she was identifying. Carol wrote hundreds of letters to just about every cancer related non-profit foundation/society and philanthropic institution in the United States. Carol sought to articulate a strong and powerful message, aspiring to shift some of the focus and conversation from funding cancer research to a sensible more balanced and compassionate dialogue highlighting the crucial need and responsibility to appropriate funding for cancer patients desperate and unmet needs, and the numerous ways this could be easily implemented. While Carol understood that a cure would provide the perfect solution, she also understood all too well that a cancer patient’s pleas for help should be a major priority and equally as relevant as funding cancer research. Carol was also acutely cognizant that a cure was not arriving anytime soon and that the grim statistics indicated that millions (including herself) would continue to suffer and die a most agonizing death. It was by way of peaceful persuasion and an informed citizenry that Carol sought to level the playing field with respect to the much needed funding for cancer patients desperate and unmet needs. The Carol House/Carol Anne Clark Foundation was formed in Carol’s memory and in accordance with Carol’s innovative and beautiful vision of providing housing relief as a viable and sustainable resource to those cancer patients and their families in desperate need of a roof over their heads .. the rest is history.

  15. Sheryl says:

    I have had the joy of meeting Ron and chatting with him personally, and I am impressed with the integrity of this foundation. The heart of The Carol House is truly to help and support those in need. And Ron is a faithful advocate. Keep up the good work!

  16. Steve Love says:

    Dear Carol House

    Whenever I see someone in front of a store selling something, I wonder what their pitch is this time. It doesn’t matter because I barely say “no thank you” and continue walking into the store without any thought of contributing. On weekends this past summer, I noticed a man sitting quietly at a small table in front of Trader Joe’s in Santa Clarita. Whenever I walked past him, there was never any solicitation…only a sign. Even when it was near 100°, he was there dressed in a white shirt and tie. I was impressed.

    Recently, I stopped and made a cash contribution. It wasn’t long before I was talking to Ron Prudhomme and learning about Carol and his Carol House project. Needless to say, it’s a very worthy cause, and I solute Ron’s dedication. I also appreciate his low-key approach. It made a difference in my case.


    Steve Love

    Castaic, California

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